Rolf Zeller

The Cowboy Carver

About the Carver

In the early 80's I got to know a decoy carver Barry Shand. He tried to convince me to take up carving for 8 years. When he changed from decoy to general carving he gave me a block of wood and a picture along with a broken work boot that he had carved. It was the first time I spent the winter in Arizona , I had lots of time. I had no special equipment just my Swiss Army knife. That first boot took about 40 hours of carving. That first boot got me a second prize ribbon in the annual wood carving show of the Central Fraser Valley Carvers Club. I was hooked.  I spend the next several winters in Arizona carving and writing my memoirs The German Cowboy      

After joining the club in 1995, I learned a lot about carving from the older more experienced carvers. The club meets once a week in the wood working shop of a high school.

                        All my carvings are for sale, you can see the pictures and prices on the next page.  


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