Rolf Zeller
The German Cowboy

The True Cost Of Fulfilling A Dream


About The Book

The German Cowboy Book are the memoirs of a German boy, immigrating to the North American Prairies in 1958. The unimaginable hardships, trials and tribulations that a 19 year old boy endured to fulfill his childhood dream and become a Cowboy. He immigrated to a foreign country without knowing the language, any useable skills or real knowledge of the culture, no money, friends or contacts. A true story that will give you a new insight of the living conditions after a war. The book is about the adventures that will make the readers laugh and cry, along with getting a new perspective and insight into immigration. The difference of living with family and friends in Germany and working on a ranch in Saskatchewan.

About The Author

        After the required 5 years in Canada, I decided that I liked the country, it's culture and people and became a citizen. In the past 50 years I made up for the education I missed in my youth. I went 6 years to night school. I took grades 9 & 10, blueprint reading, public speaking, electronics, computer software and programming. I now have 4 trades. After writing some short stories (speeches while taking a public speaking course), of my adventures in my youth I was encouraged by many people to turn all my stories into a book, which I did.

        I am now retired and I have one hobby (wood carving) and one passion (singing). My next venture is breaking into the book writing and the publishing world. I no longer spend my winters in Arizona along the banks of the Colorado River, writing books helping people with wood carving, and basic computers problems.

    The additional Health Insurance needed was getting to be more than my monthly pension. My time now is spent in British Columbia (Summer and Winter),  singing with the Male Choir Lyra,  and I also still sing Karaoke.

Do to my wife's illness I am doing very little of my usual past times now.

I hope you will enjoy your visit with me. The German Cowboy

Rolf j. Zeller

The Book is available for  $16.95

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