Rolf Zeller
The Singing Cowboy

About the Singer

        While growing up in my pre-teens I sang in the Church Choir. In my teens I had no time for the church choir, because I discovered girls. After that my singing was done mostly at work so the noise could drown out my sourer notes until I found the Lyra Choir. Joining in 1970 the all male choir made a big difference in my life until 2012. Not only the singing but also the camaraderie that came with it, made my life much fuller and richer.

        My singing has also improved greatly over the years while singing for 8 different conductors in 4 different choirs. I was a full time member in the Lyra choir in Vancouver and the Evergreen choir in Chilliwack, until I started to go south in the winter, when I became a part timer.

        In Arizona I joined a church choir and the Lake Havasu Community choir of 100 singers. We usually had 2 concerts, one at Christmas and one in spring approximately 15 songs per concert. However I am no longer singing in Lake Havasu or in the Parker church choir with the occasional solo, because I am no longer going South in the winter time. I do love to sing Karaoke in both Canada and the United States. You can listen to some of the songs that I participated in with Lyra, or sang on my own, on the next page,

I hope you will enjoy the visit with me.  The German Cowboy     Rolf j. Zeller

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